Man who breached security at Newark Airport ID’d as Haisong Jiang of Piscataway

By now, everyone has heard about the incident at Newark Airport where a man went past security to say goodbye to his girlfriend.  The airport was shut down and  the video cameras were later found to be not recording.  Well, police have some figured out that the man was Haisong Jiang of Piscataway, New Jersey.

Haisong Jiang

He was also arrested on charges of defiant trespass which is just plain stupid.  I don’t see how the State can prove that he intentionally went someone that he knew he was not permitted.  Seriously, its an airport.  This guy is going to break the law just to say goodbye.  He clearly wasn’t paying attention.  It seems that they want to crucify him because the airport screwed up.  To arrest someone for charges like this when you can just mail him a ticket or hand him one is just a PR stunt.

Here is the problem.  Does he spend a lot of money on an attorney or does he just eat the charge and move on?  If he does fight it, his attorney should move to have the case taken out of Newark and then file a motion to dismiss.   This is the type of case that I would take for much less money than I normally would just to help this guy out because I think he is getting screwed.

His facebook page is here.

Story is here.

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