New Jersey Gun Permit Appeal Lawyers

New Jersey Gun Permit Appeal Lawyers

If you have been denied a gun permit in New Jersey, you have to file for an appeal. Often times, the police will verbally inform you that you have been denied. However, they have to send you a formal denial letter at some point. You then have 30 days from then to file an appeal. All of this information should be located in the letter itself. What most people don’t understand is that an appeal is actually a trial. Thus, to try to do this by yourself might be extremely difficult. In fact, these gun permit appeals are often difficult for experienced attorneys like us. The State will often fight hard against the appeal and we need to do everything we can to ensure that we win.

When handling any trial, including a gun permit appeal in New Jersey, a lawyer has to put together the right facts and the right law. This includes preparing you for trial and gathering the appropriate evidence. We will also use our knowledge of the law to come up with hard hitting arguments to help win the case. Our team of tough, aggressive lawyers regularly appear in every single court in New Jersey. We are also big defenders of the Second Amendment and numerous pro-2A organizations. In other words, we bring a passion and dedication to our defense of your rights.

If you are facing a gun permit appeal in any court in New Jersey, call us before you do anything. Let us help you hold on to one of your most important constitutional rights before the State takes them away forever.

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