How to win a Newburgh Hearing

How to win a Newburgh Hearing

In New Jersey, a Newburgh hearing is used to determine the percentages each parent has to pay for college. Unlike other states, where the parents do not have to pay for college, New Jersey forces parents to pay. This is in addition to any child support obligation that already exists. Calculating college costs are not as easy as just looking at each parent’s incomes. There are a number of facts that are detailed in the Newburgh case that the Court must look at. In the three decades since Newburgh, a number of other cases have built upon that case that further guides the Court that is hearing the case. This is important because the best way to win a Newburgh hearing is to have an attorney that understands the law and how to use this to help you win.

You also need to be prepared. Too many people do not have their documents in order. For example, many people don’t have proof as to how much college is or how much they have paid. You need to have all of your documents ready for your lawyer. Your lawyer then needs to present all of this evidence to the court in a well thought out manner.

Another important aspect of Newburgh hearings in New Jersey is timing. You need to deal with this issue while the child is still in high school. Trying to deal with this while the child is half way through college could be very problematic. If you wait until the child is already done with college, you may not be able to get any reimbursement for college expenses.

If you are facing a Newburgh hearing in any court in New Jersey, call our team of tough, smart lawyers to help you win your case.

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