DYFS Investigation Process

DYFS Investigation Process

The DYFS (not known as DCPP) investigation process is chaotic at best.  That is, there is no one specific process that they will use to investigate you.  Most investigations start with a visit to your house by a case worker.  However, sometimes you may hear that DYFS will be coming to your house beforehand.  When they show up, they will ask a number of questions.  They may also get you to sign various documents.  Some of them may be releases so they can get information from your medical providers.

After they leave, they will work to gather documents from various places.  They may also talk to neighbors, your child’s school and anyone else that may have information.  Where the case goes from there is anyone’s guess.  The most common complaint we here is that DYFS requests one service, then another and then another.  It never seems to end.

There is also no real time limit.  The Internet is filled with posts talking about 60 days.  You have to get this out of your mind.  They can and quite often do take longer than 60 days.  In fact, we’ve talked to clients that have had cases open for years!

Regardless of what the case worker has done or what they may be planning to do, handling this investigation process by yourself may be a huge mistake.  Our team of tough, smart attorneys can help you make DYFS go away and get out of your life.  Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW to discuss your case anytime.

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