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Pennsylvania Parental Alienation Lawyers

Pennsylvania Parental Alienation Lawyers

Pennsylvania wasn’t always the easiest place to argue parental alienation.  However, the 2015 case of W.C.F. v. M.G., 115 A.3d 323 (Pa. Super. 2015) recognizes that parental alienation is a serious issues and when proven, can be a basis to change custody.  In addition,  the court is not required to give weighted consideration to the other parent’s  historical role as the child’s primary caretaker when considering the statutory factors to determine which parent should get custody.  This is huge because the alienating parent often has an advantage of being the primary caretaker for so long.

Of course, W.C.F. does not make things easy, just easier.  You still need a good plan and an aggressive attorney to fight your case.  Each judge is different and you never know who is going to decide your case.  You always have to assume that you have a uphill battle.  Prove everything five different ways if you can.

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Seaside Heights Obstruction Lawyer

Seaside Heights Obstruction Lawyer

On plain English, a charge of obstruction in Seaside Heights means that the police were trying to do something, and you gave them a hard time. Maybe they were trying to talk to someone and you intervened. Maybe you gave a fake name to avoid arrest. Whatever the case is, this is a serious offense that can lead to a criminal record, probation and even jail time. You’re going to want to avoid all of that. Our team of tough, smart criminal defense lawyers can help you do that.

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Bucks County Aggravated Assault Lawyers

Bucks County Aggravated Assault Lawyers

If you have been charged with Aggravated Assault in Bucks County, call our team of tough, smart defense lawyers today.  There are many defenses to an Aggravated Assault in case Bucks County and our attorneys will examine the entire case to get you the best result. In some cases, the prosecutor has overcharged the client and it should really be a simple assault.  In other cases, the client has a great self defense case which can result in a not guilty verdict.  In other cases, the prosecutor’s case is weak because it depends upon eyewitnesses and hearsay.  We don’t have to prove that the assault did not occur, just that there is reasonable doubt that it occurred.

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