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Far Hills Public Urination and Disorderly Conduct charges for 28 at race

Every year, dozens of people get charged with public urination and disorderly conduct at the Far Hills race.  This year was no different.  All but 2 of the 28 people arrested for urinating in public and other charges were men.  We have represented people in Far Hills for several years due to arrests and charges for public urination and other disorderly conduct charges from the race.  One interesting case last year was a client that didn’t even get arrested at the race but he got picked up driving home.  After leaving the race, he stopped to pee in someone’s bushes and got charged with public urination.  If you have charges pending in Far Hills municipal court, call our team of defense attorneys today to see how we can help you.  Defending someone in Far Hills municipal court is not time consuming and therefore, it is not that expensive to get an attorney to help you.

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Far Hills Disorderly Conduct – Public Urination – Underage Drinking Lawyers

Far Hills Disorderly Conduct – Public Urination – Underage Drinking Lawyers

About 40,000 people turned out to the 90th annual races held Saturday at Moorland Farms, in Far Hills where police started turning people away son after the gates opened at 8 a.m. for being visibly intoxicated.  An undercover operation resulted in summonses to 46 people.  By the end of the day, dozens of summonses and arrests had been made for public urination, disorderly conduct, underage drinking and other infractions.   Police handed out 29 summonses for public urination, the most common offense.  While such a charge may not land you in jail, it could be very bad on your record.  A Far Hills Municipal Court attorney can help you avoid harsh fines and penalties.  Some charges can be dismissed or amended so that your record looks better.  If you are facing any charges in Far Hills Municipal Court call the Somerset County Criminal Defense Lawyers today.

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Seaside Park mayor charged with disorderly conduct

Seaside Park Mayor Thomas E. Connors and his two adult children were arrested Saturday night outside a night club in Seaside Heights following an incident in which he was allegedly protecting his daughter.

According to police:

The Mayor’s son, Anthony Connors, 23, of 8th Avenue, Seaside Park, was being escorted from Hemingway’s Cafe by the nightclub’s bouncers when police saw him attempt to break free of his escorts and force his way back into the bar.  Police officers then stopped Anthony from fighting the bar’s staff, and he was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  The Mayor’s daughter, Lindsay, 22, also of 8th Avenue, left the bar and “immediately began to interfere with the arrest,”.  She hit a police lieutenant in the arms and the chest, and she was charged with disorderly conduct, interfering with an arrest and simple assault.

While his son and daughter were being arrested, Thomas Connors, 51, also of 8th Avenue, was also being escorted from Hemingway’s by the cafe staff. He reportedly had “minor facial injuries,”. Thomas also began to interfere with the police officers who were arresting his son and daughter.  He was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with an arrest.

The Mayor refused comment.  Detectives are reportedly investigating whether or not Thomas was assaulted inside the club.

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