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East Orange grocery store owners charged with holding rooster fights

Pedro H. Torres, 48; Flerida Torres, 49, and their 19-year-old son, Pedro Jr., owners and operators of the Martinez 1-Stop Grocery store in East Orange are each charged with 15 counts of illegal animal fighting and possessing fighting roosters that were found in the store basement on Sunday morning. Police stumbled upon the birds after responding to a break in.

It looks like all three people will need their own attorney as Pedro Sr has told the press that the roosters belong to his son.  Pedro Sr has a prior from several years ago for the same type of charge. 

This is actually a rare crime that almost no one is ever charged with.  Although jail time is possible, most probably just pay a small fine.  As powerful as some animal rights groups are, it seems like they have been unable to convince law makers to make these charges more serious. 

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