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Attorney John Koufos Charged with Hit and Run After First Getting Employee to Try to Take the Fall

After a 2011 Lexus belonging to Ocean County attorney John Koufos of the firm Koufos and Norgaard, was found to be involved in a hit and run, many in the Ocean County legal community were wondering how John fit in to all of this. However, it was soon learned that an employee of his, Craig Terlizzi was the one that was driving the car. As a result, Terlizzi was charged. After the story broke, rumors swirled that Terlizzi was a “fall guy” both in the courthouse and on the message boards. The fact that Koufos drove his Lexus to an Ocean County Bar Association function that night probably helped investigators unravel the lie as Koufos turned himself in to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office today to face a number of charges including the hit and run charge.

The above was taken from here and other news articles.

Clearly, Koufos’ license to practice law is in serious jeopardy. He is (was) a very talented attorney and it is tough for many in the legal community to see one of their own involved in something like this. The only good news is that no one was killed.