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Will Ray Rice face new charges in Atlantic City as a result of the new video released this week?

Just about everyone knows what is going on with Ray Rice and the new video that was released this week. Rep. JoaquĆ­n Castro (D-Texas) took to Twitter to ask whether this video will and/or should result in new charges. The video shows Ray Rice punching his now wife out cold in an elevator at an Atlantic City casino. What Rep. Castro doesn’t realize is that Rice was already charged with aggravated assault. The Prosecutor’s Office already knew what happened and he was charged accordingly. The events depicted in the video were not new to them. The video is just new to the public.

Rice is already in the PTI program. Public outrage cannot lead to new charges and/or dismissal from the program. He cannot be charged twice for the same course of conduct. Thus, he will not be charged with any new offenses. But for him violating PTI (which is almost impossible), his case is over.

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