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New Jersey Mortgage Fraud Attorney

New Jersey Mortgage Fraud Attorney

Mortgage fraud played a big part in the recent recession. Although the recession is behind us, mortgage fraud is still a big issue. Unlike your typical criminal offense which involves the police stopping a car or a call to 911 for an emergency, white collar crimes such as mortgage fraud often do not start with an arrest. In fact, your first contact may not even be with law enforcement. It could be from a private investigator, an employee of the bank or a lawyer. Even if law enforcement is your first point of contact, it likely will not be an arrest. Instead, it will be a request to answer questions.

Regardless of who wants to talk to you about mortgage fraud, you must treat these allegations seriously. Anything you do or say to anyone can be used against you. Instead of winging it and possibly damaging your case, have an experienced NJ mortgage fraud lawyer assist you. Our team of tough, smart fraud defense attorneys can help prevent you from ever being charged. Call us anytime to discuss the case against you. Our initial consultations are always free.