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NJ Transit steps up Smoking in Public charges in Hoboken & Jersey City

While I have no exact stats to support my claim, the phone calls to my office tell me that New Jersey Transit Police Officers have increased the number of Smoking in Public charges that they have filed in Hudson County including Hoboken and Jersey City. 

Smoking in Public is a criminal offense which shocks most people.  Thus, jail time is possible, although unlikely for most.  However, anyone convicted will have a criminal record which could impact employment and schooling.  While any police officer can write this summons, almost everyone I’ve ever seen or heard of was written by a New Jersey Transit Police Officer.  This is because New Jersey Transit platforms ban smoking.  Thus, its a common issue across New Jersey.

If you have been charged with Smoking in Public in any town in New Jersey, give me a call at 732-773-2768 to discuss your case.