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Ocean Township Police issue over 60 tickets for consuming alcoholic beverages while under the legal

Ocean Township consuming alcoholic beverages while under the legal age on private property

Ocean Township police broke up another large party filled mostly with Monmouth University students. Police were originally called to the home for an assault complaint. When the police got there, there was no alleged victim. However, the patrolman did find a large party with over 60 people drinking who were under 21. As a result 61 tickets were issued.
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Ocean Township is party central!

What is up with Ocean Township.  It seems like every few months, there is a news article about a huge underage drinking bust.  Either Ocean Township is the new party central or the Ocean Township police are good out finding out about these parties and busting them.

Summonses were issued to 38 adult partygoers, for violating a township ordinance that prohibits underage alcohol possession on private property.

Article is here.