Cocaine and marijuana seized during traffic stop in Warren Township

Darnell Williams and Eric Villalona both of York, Pa., have been charged with first-degree possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, third-degree possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop in Warren township led to the alleged discovery of about $24,000 in cocaine and marijuana in the car.

Police pulled over the men for tailgating and when they approached the vehicle, police allegedly observed marijuana on the lap of Villalona.  Ok great, you can arrest Villalona for that and if everything else checks out, Williams is free to leave.  Here’s the odd thing about this.  Police call for a K-9 and the dog alerts to more drugs.  But how do they know that the dog is not smelling the same drugs that they already found on Villalona.  The dog apparently hit on the trunk and so they searched it and found the rest.

This is an interesting case  and at least one of these guys has a good defense.  If the car belongs to neither man, then they both have a great defense.  We have a case along these lines in the office right now; actually a few of them.  While not a slam dunk case, there is a good shot to win them as there is for this case. 

Story is here.

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