Robert Higbee Verdict: Not Guilty

I have to say that I am a little surprised.  I really thought Higbee was done for since a not guilty verdict should have came on Friday.  Regardless, it was the right result and I am happy for him.  Luckily the jury saw right through what was mostly a nice presentation by the Prosecutor.  In the end, I think it all boiled down to common sense:  is this some crazy trooper that blows through stop signs or can a person make one tragic mistake in their life?  Higbee’s experience and lack of any discipline problems really helped him out as it was rather obvious that this was just a really bad mistake.

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  1. jennifer zoran

    I am overjoyed to find that Trooper Higbee has been acquitted of these charges. I feel for the family of the deceased but this case should have never been prosecuted. The State did not prove its’ case, and Mr. Higbee never should have been charged in a criminal court. TruTV broadcast the trial, and did a supurb job. Mr. Subin fought tooth and nail for his client and the jury did the right thing in my eyes.

  2. Fred Romonowski

    Congratulations William Subin Esq. and Staff who provided an excellent defense. This was a “tragic motor vehicle accident”! It will be imprinted in the minds of all involved and the family of the deceased for ever. Tpr. Higbee did not commit a criminal act … he performed his duty in acoordance with NJSP Standard Operation Procedures in attempts to stop an individual who was speeding! This was not a criminal act on the part of Trooper Higbee … it was an attempted stop that went bad … with everyone involved being in the wrong place at the wrong time …! I feel deeply for the family of the deceased. I can reflect on my years in the “Outfit” (NJSP) and only for the Grace of GOD it could have been me! Law Enforcement is a thank less occupation … the uniform represents the establishment … and when a traffic accident occurs involving one of our own we are held accountable above and beyond the average citizenry … which is understandable … thank GOD for our judicial system … the Jury heard the evidence … and rendered a Verdict after hearing, reviewing and evaluating all testimony and documentation presented by the prosecution and the defense. NOT GUILTY! GOD BLESS THE FAMILY OF THE DECEASED AND TROOPER HIGBEE & FAMILY. JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED … BUT THE PAIN AND ANGUISH SUFFERED BY ALL WILL NEVER GO AWAY. There is no doubt in my mind that Trooper Higbee or any other Trooper or law enforcement officer in there sworn duties to protect life and property would intentionally run a Stop Sign in attempts to apprehend a violator and put his or her own life in danger or that of the public they have sworn to protect!

  3. They should have found him GUILTY shame on him. he knew there was a stop sign how could he not know dose he not drive down that road on duty to do his job. this show me that police officer can get a way with anything. if this would have been a normal person flying threw that stop sign you can bet they would have thrown the book at that person. I hope Mr. Higbee get fired from his job. and stay off the road

  4. Here is the problem for me. I agree with Travis that if it was anyone else but a state trooper they WILL go to jail. Why officers of any branch of law enforcement get off scot free is very troubling for me to take. I wonder if Higbee would feel if his wife and newborn were killed by an officer who watches too much COPS on television. He goes on with his life after irrepairable damage he did to that family. Justice my eye.

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