Will gun permit be denied due to PTI or conditional discharge?

Will gun permit be denied due to PTI or conditional discharge?

In New Jersey PTI (pre trial intervention) and a conditional discharge are great ways to avoid a conviction. At the end of these programs, the case is completely dismissed. However, the arrest and dismissal will still appear on your record. As a result, the police will see it. The law allows them to consider these offenses as if they occurred even though you were not convicted. In fact, the State Police will often view these programs as convictions for whatever reasons (at least in my experience). Thus, if you just apply for a gun permit in New Jersey and you have either of these things on your record, you may be denied.

Luckily, we can help you. Our gun permit lawyers can file for an expungement. This will erase this arrest and dismissal from your record. As a result, nothing will come up. You will once again have a clean record. We will then represent you for the gun permit to make sure that goes smoothly. When our lawyers handle these matters as a package like this for you, we can save you a ton of money. Call us today to discuss your expungement and gun permit matter for free with one of our New Jersey lawyers.

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