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Oaklyn Man Charged With Credit Card Fraud And Theft

Zachary Butler of Oaklyn , NJ admitted to the police that he allegedly burglarized a car, which included theft and stole a credit card. The Oakland police department is reminding it’s citizens to keep the doors of your motor vehicles locked and to remove valuable objects from sight or from the vehicle completely.

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burglary suspects arrested after being pulled over in stolen car

4 Newark burglary suspects arrested after being pulled over in stolen car

Essex county sheriff’s detectives have arrested four suspects for burglary when they pulled over a stolen car. The suspects are awaiting a hearing in Family court and are being held in the Essex County Youth Detention Center.

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Readington Man Charged with burglary

Readington Man Charged with burglary

A John A Mortarul has been arrested for the second time this month. His bail is currently set at $50,0000 and he is currently lodged in the Middlesex County Jail.

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Man Arrested in Connection with Maplewood Avenue Business Burglary

Newark Man Arrested in Connection with Maplewood Avenue Business Burglary

Maplewood police have arrested Stephan Farrar, 20, of Newark. He has been charged with burglary of a Maplewood Ave Restaurant on Jan. 21.

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The Office Creeper is arrested in Newark

The Office Creeper is arrested in Newark Gerald Broadwater, 61 of Lithonia, GA was arrested on Feb 9th in Newark. The US mashals office regional fugitive task force and a member of the NJ police where the arresting officers. He was wanted fugitive with outstanding charges in Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio. He was alos recently being investiogated by PA. His alleged crimes have been come to be know with the office creeper

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Man charged with stealing jewelry from home he was landscaping

On May 13, police responded to a Spruce Avenue, Ocean Township home where the resident said someone had entered the home, possibly through an open window, and taken several pieces of jewelry. Police  learned that Kyle Vallone had pawned several items of jewelry at a West Park Avenue gold and jewelry cash exchange store. Vallone admitted to police that he had entered the Spruce Avenue home and took the jewelry. He was arrested and charged with burglary and theft.

 The Spruce Avenue resident found Vallone advertising his landscaping services on Craigslist.

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Cops charge four in home burglary spree

 A six-month investigation ended in four home burglars who are accused of stealing from retirement communities and then selling the jewelry and cash at local pawn shops.  The burglaries occurred in Manchester township’s Cedar Glen West retirement community and Roosevelt City section.  The four arrested are Brad Golaszewski of Manchester; Shaun McCabe of Manchester; Nicholas Hennings of Manchester, and a 17-year-old male of Toms River.

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57-year-old woman led police on a foot chase after shooting a man with a BB gun

Susan Clayton was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, burglary, violent behavior, criminal mischief and weapons charges after shooting a man with a BB gun and then running away from police.  On Thursday, when Nicholas Skokus noticed minor damage to his car parked on Newman Street, neighbors told him Clayton had backed her car into it.  When Skokus knocked on Clayton’s door to confront her, he said, Clayton became agitated, so he walked away.  Clayton then shot a BB gun a few times, hitting him once.

 Two oikuce officers then pursued Clayton, who first ran back into her home and then ran out through a back door.  She then attempted to break into another woman’s house. She was found hiding in a neighbor’s shed one block away from her home.

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Jury finds client not guilty of burglary charges in 20 minutes


This was a tough case. My client is a 7’2 Hispanic man so you cannot confuse him with anyone else. He was charged with burglary of his ex-girlfriend’s house and theft of thousands of dollars of her property. A neighbor testified that he saw my client in the driveway of the home at the time of the burglary. My client also lied to his ex by telling her that he was in Florida at the time. He also sent her a text message on the same day asking her if anyone would be home during the time of the burglary. My client did not have a solid alibi for the time of the burglary either. Thus, the State seemed to have a slam dunk case. Nevertheless, I fought hard for the client and methodically exposed all of the holes in the State’s case. I estimate that it only took the jury 20 minutes to reach their not guilty verdict. The incredible speed of that verdict tells me that the jury had no question about my client’s innocence which was amazing to me given the strength of the State’s case on paper. I doubt I will be able to get a faster verdict than that in the future as it takes time to take a vote and fill out the form. Thus, this is what I consider, an instant verdict.

Lobster thief gets four years in prison

This is a wierd case for many reasons.  Anthony Jones has previously admitted he took frozen lobsters from Bally’s Atlantic City and tried to sneak them out in his jacket and backpack.  He was stopped by casino security and later arrested.  A few months ago, he pleaded guilty to burglary.  Today, he was sentenced to four years in prison.  The lobsters were worth $1,275.

I can only assume that he had a prior record since four years is pretty crazy for this type of offense.  In addition, I assume that he didn’t hire an attorney as this should have never even been indicted.  You get it busted down to Atlantic City municipal court, pay the casino for the lobsters, pay a fine  and move on with your life.  Just don’t see four years for this at all.

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