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Violent Spree Ends in Arrests

Brief but Violent Spree Ends in Arrests

Four individuals have been charged in connecting with their alleged involvement in a half hour North ward crime spree that included: eluding, receiving stolen property, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm, possession of a defaced firearm and possession of hollow point bullets, possession of cocaine and possession with the intent to distribute.

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Man hailed as hero for stopping ‘portal to hell’ attack in Union Township

When Hernan Agudelo looked out his sunroom window Friday into a dark morning, he had trouble seeing what was unfolding in his neighbors’ yard. But he knew something was terribly wrong.  The 33-year-old husband and father walked out the front door of his Union Township house, went around the fence and into a yard strewn with items cleared out of a shed.  There, he said, he witnessed a nightmare scene: A strange man was attacking one of his neighbors with a 10-inch, double-bladed knife.

Agudelo walked to his car, grabbed a small souvenir baseball bat, then returned to the backyard, where he swung for the attacker’s head, cracking it open, police said. He then tackled the man and held him until police arrived.  Agudelo interrupted a bizarre attack, one that left two women near death, their bodies riddled with knife and hatchet wounds allegedly inflicted by Morgan Mesz, a 25-year-old who claimed he had been searching for “the portal to hell,” according to police.

Both women — 53-year-old Carolyn Bunnell and 50-year-old Barbara Perrine — were listed in critical condition last night in University Hospital in Newark. The two encountered Mesz after noticing all the things had been taken out of their shed and tossed into their yard township Police Director Dan Zieser said.  Mesz, who lives on nearby Nottingham Way with a girlfriend, repeatedly stabbed both women until Agudelo intervened, Zieser said.

When officers arrived, the suspect was walking toward the front yard, blood running down his body, and Agudelo was screaming for them to stop him, the police director said. Mesz received stitches at the hospital and underwent a mental evaluation.

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Keansburg Aggravated Assault Charges Against Several People

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Six people were injured, and they and six others have been charged as a result of a Thanksgiving Day brawl. The fight stemmed from an earlier altercation between two 18-year-old boys. Richard LeComte Sr., his sons Matthew and Richard Jr. and his 14-year-old daughter, confronted Lamar Shabazz at his home about what he said was Shabazz assaulting his son, Brian LeComte, according to police. Within minutes, Richard LeComte Jr. punched Shabazz and a melee ensued. Police said that when Shabazz got back into his home, he grabbed a carving knife began threatening the LeComte family. Police said that Richard LeComte Jr. used metal knuckles to punch several people in the face and head, causing injuries.

Richard LeComte Jr. of South Concourse, Aberdeen, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault; possession of a weapon, the metal knuckles; rioting; and disorderly conduct. Police said he was released after posting $85,000 bail. Richard LeComte Sr. and Matthew LeComte, both of Main Street, Keansburg, were charged with disorderly conduct and rioting, and were released in $2,500 bail each. Shabazz of Oakwood Place was charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and rioting.

Charged with disorderly conduct were Pamela Harbison, of Oakwood Place, and Anita Diaz, of Center Avenue in Keansburg; Latesha Harbison, of Trenton; and Jessica Harbison, of Fayetteville, N.C.

Four juveniles — members of the two families involved in the brawl — were charged with disorderly conduct, police said, and the state Division of Youth and Family Services were notified about their involvement. Also, officials will follow up on code violations at the Oakwood Place home where the group fought and the landlord of the property faces complaints for maintaining a nuisance at the address.
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Point Pleasant Beach man charged in hit-and-run of teen girl

Jeffrey Garabadian, 35, of St. Louis Avenue, was arrested at his home and charged with knowingly leaving the scene of an accident that caused serious bodily injury.  Point Pleasant police and the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office discovered Garabadian’s 1998 dark green Jeep at his home after an investigation.  Around 10:45 p.m. Tuesday, according to police, Garabadian was backing his Jeep out of a Citgo service station when he struck a 14-year-old girl and drove away. The teen is currently listed in critical but stable condition and her identity has not been released.

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Staten Island Man Faces Charges After Allegedly Trying to Run Over Girlfriend

Douglas Parsley, of Staten Island, was charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child, drunken driving and multiple motor vehicle violations.  He allegedly got into an argument in front of a gas station on Route 35 with his girlfriend, Tammy Robinson,  also of Staten Island, over whether he was too intoxicated to drive.   He then allegedly attempted to run over Robinson while she was standing with her 8-year-old daughter and the girl’s 6-year-old friend.  When officers arrived, Parsley had fled in his blue Infiniti.  Several minutes later, other officers attempted to pull the car over, but Parsley allegedly failed to stop for the officers and was eventually apprehended at a cul-de-sac in Hazlet.

Hazlet police assisted and charged Parsley with eluding and criminal mischief.

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Brick man arrested after fight with neighbor

When police arrived on the 900 block of Lynnwood Avenue, Brick around 3:30 p.m. Friday, neighbors across the street from Louis Sollitto reported he threatened them, and they played a recording of an argument.  While police were talking with the neighbors, Sollitto continued to yell and threaten them, including threatening to kill the neighbor and cause damage to the neighbor’s property.  Police tried to approach Sollitto, who kept the officer at bay using a pair of pit bulls as a barrier.

 When the police tried to arrest Sollitto, he took a swing at the officer before the two fought to the ground.  The dogs came out of the house during the altercation, forcing the officer to use pepper spray to force the animals to retreat.  Sollitto was charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, making terroristic threats, resisting arrest and weapons offenses. Additional charges of disorderly conduct and criminal mischief were lodged against Sollitto after he spit inside of the patrol car.

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57-year-old woman led police on a foot chase after shooting a man with a BB gun

Susan Clayton was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, burglary, violent behavior, criminal mischief and weapons charges after shooting a man with a BB gun and then running away from police.  On Thursday, when Nicholas Skokus noticed minor damage to his car parked on Newman Street, neighbors told him Clayton had backed her car into it.  When Skokus knocked on Clayton’s door to confront her, he said, Clayton became agitated, so he walked away.  Clayton then shot a BB gun a few times, hitting him once.

 Two oikuce officers then pursued Clayton, who first ran back into her home and then ran out through a back door.  She then attempted to break into another woman’s house. She was found hiding in a neighbor’s shed one block away from her home.

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Jayson Williams pleads guilty; will go to prison

With his world crumbling down around him, Jayson Williams has entered into a plea deal in which he plead guilty to aggravated assault.  As a result, the  reckless manslaughter charge will be dismissed and the judge will not rule on whether or not his attorneys (Joseph Hayden Jr. and Billy Martin)  should be permitted to withdraw from the case.  White the attorneys cited a lack of communication with Williams, money was the real issue there, especially with his  pending divorce.

Williams must serve at least 18 months in prison before becoming eligible for parole.    For Williams, this ends a saga that has cost him millions in legal feels and a civil settlement with the victim’s family in addition to a divorce, an odd situation in a hotel where the police had to use a taser on him in addition to his DWI just a week ago.

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Eddie Canary, Hoboken basketball star charged with robbery

Eddie Canary, a junior at Hoboken High School and First Team All-County forward for the Hoboken Red Wings was charged with robbery and two counts of inflicting bodily injury and more charges may be on the way as there were two different alleged robberies. 

With the first one, the victim was approached by a group of men.  One man allegedly took $15 out of the victim’s hand.  Afterwards, someone reported that Canary then assaulted the victim leaving him knocked out with a broken collar bone.  The victim later learned that this wallet was stolen. 

With the second case, the police were looking for Canary a short while affter the first robbery.  When they caught up to him, they allegedly found him and assaulting another man. He tried to run off but was caught.  While it doesn’t seem like anything was stolen, the State may charge him with attempted robbery based upon the first case. 

Unless an attorney can pull of some amazing work, it looks like his basketball career is over.  I’ve had worse and kept my clients out of prison.  Robbery cases are weird like that, at least for me.  They are very serious but great deals can be worked out.

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It goes from bad to worse for man facing charges in alleged assault on police

What started out as a domestic violence charge, ended in numerous charges that could land Michael Colombo in prison for quite some time.  Colombo, of Hoboken was just going to be charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of burglary, and one count of simple assault in an alleged attack on a woman in Teaneck. However, when police attempted to arrest him, they allege that he lunged at them, punching and kicking two officers, as well as striking one in the head with a metal skillet, then biting him in the arm followed by an attempt to take his gun.

He was eventually subdued charged with one count of resisting arrest, one count of possessing a weapon for an unlawful purpose, one count of aggravated assault upon a police officer, one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon upon a police officer and one count of attempting to disarm a police officer.   That last charge is a second degree offense.  Needless to say, he is facing a ton of time here.  Oddly enough, his bail is only $15,000 which is really low given the number of charges and the amount of prison time he is potentially facing.

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