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Off Duty Police Officer Charged with criminal mischief and receiving stolen property

Newark police officer stole a  car from drunk driver, and  smashed the stolen vehicle into his wife’s car, authorities say Off Duty copy steals drunk drivers car and uses it to ram his estranged wifes car. He has been charged with criminal mischief and receiving stolen property and was immediately suspended from the Newark police force.

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Brick man arrested after fight with neighbor

When police arrived on the 900 block of Lynnwood Avenue, Brick around 3:30 p.m. Friday, neighbors across the street from Louis Sollitto reported he threatened them, and they played a recording of an argument.  While police were talking with the neighbors, Sollitto continued to yell and threaten them, including threatening to kill the neighbor and cause damage to the neighbor’s property.  Police tried to approach Sollitto, who kept the officer at bay using a pair of pit bulls as a barrier.

 When the police tried to arrest Sollitto, he took a swing at the officer before the two fought to the ground.  The dogs came out of the house during the altercation, forcing the officer to use pepper spray to force the animals to retreat.  Sollitto was charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, making terroristic threats, resisting arrest and weapons offenses. Additional charges of disorderly conduct and criminal mischief were lodged against Sollitto after he spit inside of the patrol car.

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New Brunswick man arrested for ‘Gohst’ graffiti tags

Joseph Pafieka of New Brunswick, New Jersey has been  arrested for criminal mischief for allegedly “tagging” walls and buildings across the city with his ‘Gohst” graffiti tag.  Police allege that he has done this 100’s of times but how much of that they can prove it unknown.  Oddly enough, the key witness that led to his arrest was a homeless man.

Assuming he has no criminal record, this shouldn’t be a big problem for him ordinarily.  However, I have a feeling that the authorities will throw the book at him due to the amount of graffiti and to send a message to other “artists”.  A good attorney needs to understand this and deal with it right away instead of finding it out a few months later when it is too late to do anything about it.

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Man seeks revenge on ex-wife by leaking oil on lawn

Gerald Dugan is charged with criminal mischief and unlawfully releasing hazardous materials after he allegedly removed a valve from the oil tank of his ex-wife’s house causing 200 gallons of home heating oil to be spilled outside and onto her lawn.

He is also alleged to have broken into a locked garage, scratched a car, spray-painted its headlights black, slashed a bike tire, unplugged a freezer, slashed a mattress and damaged a lawn mower.  The bad part about all that is that each incident will be used to prove the other.  In addition, he also faces burglary and criminal mischief charges from May 16 when he allegedly was captured on security camera ripping down a clothesline and stealing a storage bin.  While the last part isn’t that much of a problem, that incident will also be used against him to try to convict him of the other incidents. 

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