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Camden School Child abuse not reported

Child abuse not reported, Camden teacher says

Camden school officials have failed to report when alleged incidents of child abuse occurred at a city school, this according to a district teacher and community members.

Supposed leaders of Henry H. Davis Elementary School where responsible for discouraging employees form reporting alleged child abuse.

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DYFS faulted in death of NJ toddler

DYFS faulted in death of NJ toddler

Trenton, NJ- DYFS’s child welfare officials did not connect concerns of child abuse and of domestic violence. This in the case of a 2 year old whose father has been accused to tossing her to death while she was still in her car seat.

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Death of toddler allegedly left to die in stream

DYFS failed to see red flags leading to death of toddler allegedly left to die in stream

Child protection workers did not see indications that to others would be seen as red flags of child abuse and violence. Unfortunately a 2 year old child was allegedly killed by her father a new state report concludes. Authorities have charged Arthur Morgan III with murder.

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Child abuse charges dismissed

My client was charged with assaulting his child to the point where she was a bloody mess when the police arrived.  The problem in New Jersey is that there is no clear line between corporal punishment and child abuse.  So, I argued that this was nothing more than corporal punishment that took a wrong turn.  This case took a few months to work out, but in the end, my client had all charges  dismissed.  He didn’t even have to pay court costs.  It was a great result for a very nice client.