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New Jersey Attorney Paul Bergrin pleads guilty to conspiracy to promote prostitution

New Jersey Attorney Paul Bergrin has entered a plea of guilty to conspiracy charges in New York with regard to a former escort company called NY Confidential.  Lucky for Bergrin, he was able to avoid felony criminal charges.  There is no indication yet as to what will happen with his ability to practice law.  I don’t think he’ll have that much of a problem because the charges are not that serious compared to what he was facing.

I don’t know Mr. Bergrin or the facts of the case, but this is not a case where he decided to start an escort business.  Instead, he took it over for a client that was in prison.  This is important because it is easy to cross the line between helping out a client and breaking the law.   I’m sure all of that was taken into account in working out this case. 

The bottom line is, his attorney, Gerald Shargel did a great job and I wish Mr. Bergin the best of luck in the future.